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Unformatted text preview: O NOT have to memorize for Prof. True’s part of the course Gradual change in the fossil record (in posterior) hlp:// Macroevolu9onary palerns: Mass ex9nc9ons Permian‐Triassic ex9nc9on ~ 96% of all marine species ~70% of all land species Meteor impact in Yucatan ‐ ex9nc9on of dinosaurs Causes of mass ex9nc9ons •  S9ll largely unknown •  65 mya Cretaceous‐Ter9ary –  much debated currently –  Meteor impact –  But also major volcanic ac9vity in Asia/India •  Sea level drops/rises o^en implicated •  Atmospheric changes (see fig 21.5 in book) •  Climate change (see fig 21.6 in book) –  e.g. “Flood Basalt events” •  Major volcanic episodes on land masses or ocean floors •  Send large amounts of par9culates into atmosphere for extended periods •  Can cause major ex9nc9ons of plants and collapses of food chains ConAnental DriI...
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