1 history sex and power in early America

1 history sex and power in early America - Sex and Power in...

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The strange case of Thomasine Hall Started out as a girl, cut her hair and joined the army under the name of Thomas Then grew it out and was Thomasine Went to Virginia as a male and once he got there he claimed he was a woman again Prelude: Virginia, March 1629 Children were ungendered Defined not by sex but only as "child" This was becoming a man Between age 6-8, boys were "breached" or allowed to wear pants Sumptuary laws-defined what fabrics different ranks could wear In early America, you were what you wore Clothes make the Man of Woman Family and state both drew authority from the same sources - fifth commandment King James- " look upon the kingdom as my wedded wife" This occurred during the English Civil War All authority descends form Adam via his son (the first kings) Families are the first governments (men are not born free, but subjects of paternal power) People are not independent but codependent so people must not set themselves against the community because that would be subversive An organic, communal, society (the "body politic") People (subjects) have duties and obligations not "rights" Robert Filmer, Patriarcha (1650) Patriarchalism (Lordly fathers and fatherly lords Women were suborinate, they were ruled by men but ruled children Denies women any respectable place of independent power In catholic society females could be a nun or a saint but in Protestant there was no such thing as a respectable independent woman Legally the wife doesn't exist- they speak as an adjunct of surrogate for their husband They could not sue or own property- any property they owned before marriage became their husbands Couldn't vote or serve on juries "coverture"- means covering, it was the common law doctrine that said a married woman had no legal identity
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1 history sex and power in early America - Sex and Power in...

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