1 Clinical Psychology- neuropsychology

1 Clinical Psychology- neuropsychology - Test know what...

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Unformatted text preview: Test: know what each IQ test in an example of • The study of brain-behavior relationships ○ Slide ○ Relatively new field compared to others ○ What is neuropsychology? • Anatomical and chemical structures of brain are precursors to complex behavior ○ Changes in these structures affect complex behaviors ○ Changes in certain behaviors due to injury can be related to changes in structure of the brain ○ Key underlying assumptions of neuropsychology • Have idea of what to say but can't get it out- broca's aphasia Broca- demonstrated left-hemisphere dominance for language ○ Speak fluidly but can't construct words into sentences Inability to comprehend language and produce language that makes sense Wernicke- demonstrated that a specific brain structure was responsible for understanding speech ○ Connecting the brain with behavior • Broca and Wernicke used post-mortem examination ○ Brain ablation paradigms: burning or freezing part of the brain to knock out function (used in animals) ○ Brain stimulation paradigms: take electrode and stimulate areas of the brain to map out what functions those areas correspond...
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1 Clinical Psychology- neuropsychology - Test know what...

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