1 clinical psychology- intelligence

1 clinical psychology- intelligence - Intelligence...

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Practical problem-solving skills Verbal skills And social competence Poll of laypeople and psychologists: 1.) abstract thinking 2.) learning from experience 3.) solving problems through insight 4.) adjusting to new situations We do not know this for a fact Should not necessarily be included in intelligence It is still in question that you need attention to have intelligence 5.) focusing and sustaining one's abilities to achieve a desired goal Defining intelligence: Spearman's "g": general score of all the different constructs together Gardner's "multiple intelligences" What do we measure when we measure intelligence? Theories of intelligence Different intellectual tests correlate highly Hypothesized one general intelligence "G" factor that underlies all mental abilities Charles Spearman This is more agreed upon 1.) Verbal 2.)logical-mathematical 3.) bodily-kinesthetics- dancers and gymnasts 4.) visual-spatial- painters artists 5.) musical 6.) social- emotional intelligence 7.) personal Types of intelligences: Or lesions that are localized in a certain hemisphere that show a drop in verbal abilities Ex.) brain damage in a particular area of the brain will have a decrease in certain intelligences such as verbal Neurological data People with serious mental handicaps who have certain spectacular abilities Ex.) rain man and Daniel Tammet If part of the brain is damaged, other parts will increase in function to make up for it Savants: Evidence for multiple intelligences Multiple Intelligences Culture-free mental skills- capacity to adapt to new situations Need no prior knowledge Fluid intelligence: Specific to one culture- achievements of intellectual activity acquired through repeated exposure
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1 clinical psychology- intelligence - Intelligence...

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