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Operant Conditioning Based on your understanding of operant conditioning answer the following questions. 1. I get yelled at and get the finger all the time when driving. Sometimes on a 40 miles per hour road, I will go 35. This angers the people who would like to be doing 60 mph. But wait a second. What I am doing is legal and what they are doing is not. What’s up with that??? Breaking the law is ok and a good thing to do? That can’t be. Here’s the question: Why don’t people drive the speed limit or below? Answer using operant conditioning terms. What would you do to encourage people to drive at or below the speed limit? -People don’t drive the speed limit because they don’t always get caught. Without the negative effect of speeding, (ie. A ticket, accident, etc) they continue to do so. 2. When people get out of jail, there is about an 85% chance that they are going to be going back. What’s up with that???? Why doesn’t jail change the behavior that got them punished in
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Unformatted text preview: the first place? What do you think should change so that when people get caught breaking the law that they learn not to do that again?-They need to be disciplined more or something of that nature. Jail is what it is. Without having a negative thing to associate with jail aside from the fact that they went to jail, people are just going to come out being the same druggie, thief, killer they were. Nothing makes them think, “Gee! Doing such and such would get me sent back to jail and bad things happen there! I think I’ll stop while I’m ahead!” 3. I see these two things as very similar. Dieting and drug addiction. In operant conditioning terms explain why most people are not successful when they attempt to diet. Why can’t people just eat less and exercise more. (hint: think in terms of negative reinforcement) Then explain why people who are addicted to drugs often have very difficult times trying to stop their drug use. Why can’t they just stop? (see above hint)-...
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