HIST 1020. 2. The Age of Napoleon

HIST 1020. 2. The Age of Napoleon - The Age of Napoleon The...

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Unformatted text preview: The Age of Napoleon, The Age of Napoleon, 1799­1815 Napoleon Comes to Power Napoleon Comes to Power Directory Internal Instability Military successes abroad Popularity of the army grew Abbe Sieyes Coup d’etat Directory overthrown Napoleon Abbe Sieyes Abbe Sieyes Napoleon Consolidates Napoleon Consolidates Power Consulate Constitution of 1799 Plebiscite First Council (1799) Concordant Internal stability restored “Council for Life” (1802) Emperor (1804) Coronation of Napoleon Coronation of Napoleon Emperor Napoleon Emperor Napoleon Trafalgar (1805) Wars of Conquest: La Wars of Conquest: La Guerre de l'Empereur Battle of Nile (1798) Admiral Nelson Third Coalition (Austria, Britain and Russia) 1805 Continental System (1806) Battle of Austerlitz (Dec. 1805) Confederation of the Rhine (1806) Battle of Jena (1806): Prussia defeated Battle of Ferdinand (1807): Russia defeated Treaty of Tilsit Holy Roman Empire Abolished Prussia joined the Third Coalition La Guerre de l'Empereur La Guerre de l'Empereur Nelson Nelson Trafalgar Trafalgar Creating of the French Creating of the French Empire Napoleonic Code Equality before the law Property rights and freedoms Constitutions New nobility Hereditary distinctions removed Noble and Ecclesiastical courts abolished Feudal dues abolished Guilds abolished Churches subordinated to the state Fall of Napoleon Fall of Napoleon Continental system The Peninsular War (1808) Invasion of Russia (1812) Battle of Borodino (1812) Fourth Coalition Battle of the Nations (Leipzig, 1813) Elba Bourbon restoration Napoleon’s return (1815) Battle of Waterloo (1815) Napoleon defeated St. Helena British Dragoons British Dragoons Borodino: Infantry battle Borodino: Infantry battle Kutuzov (Borodino) Kutuzov (Borodino) Monument Monument (Borodino) Monument Monument (Leipzig) Battle of Waterloo Battle of Waterloo Napoleon Napoleon defeated Napoleon’s Napoleon’s Mausoleum Napoleon’s legacy Spread of revolutionary ideas in Europe Reforms Rise of nationalism ...
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