HIST 1020. 6. Rev1848

HIST 1020. 6. Rev1848 - Revolutions of 1848 Revolutions in...

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Unformatted text preview: Revolutions of 1848 Revolutions in the German and Italian States, and in the Habsburg Empire Revolutions in the German States Prussia Saxony Wurttemberg Hanover Bavaria National Unification Revolution in Prussia Economic and social problems Frederick William IV David Hensemann Riots against grain dealers Constituent Assembly Assembly Dissolved King’s Constitution Friedrich Wilhelm IV Frankfurt Parliament Declaration of the Basic Rights of the German People Constitution of United Germany Kleindeutsch vs. Grossdeutsch “Crown from the gutter” Austria Frankfurt Parliament, 1848­49 Frankfurt am Main Paulskirche St. Paul's Revolutions in the Italian States Charles Albrecht of Piedmont Sardinia War with Austria Pellegrino Rossi Pope Pius IX Political Radicalism Roman Republic Giuseppe Mazzini Victor Emmanuel France Giuseppe Garribaldi Pellegrino Rossi Pope Pius IX Revolutions in the Austro­Hungarian (Habsburg) Empire Vienna Uprising Louis Kossuth Magyar Nationalism Hungarian Diet Innsbruck Metternich resigned Emancipation of Serfs Serf uprisings Louis Kossuth Revolutions in the Austro­Hungarian (Habsburg) Empire: Magyar revolt Revolts in Budapest Slavic Nationalism Transylvania and Croatia Count Joseph Jellachich Revolutions in the Austro­Hungarian (Habsburg) Empire: Czech Revolt Uprisings in Prague Issue of Autonomy Bohemia and Moravia Pan­Slavic Congress Riots in Prague Alfred Windischgraetz Bohemia and Moravia Legacy of 1848 Revolutions Middle Class’s Turn to Conservatism ...
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