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HIST 1020. 11. AFRICA before COLONIZATION - AFRICA before...

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Unformatted text preview: AFRICA before COLONIZATION COLONIZATION 1800-1880 Decline of the Atlantic Slave Trade and the Impact of Slave Trade on Africa the Decline of TAST Enlightenment Liberalism Rise of Industrial Capitalism Abolition of Slavery Impact of TA Slave Trade on Africa Disruption of natural pace of state building Internal Warfare Demography Demography Northern Africa Northern Egypt Egypt The Ottoman Empire The Muhammad Ali (1806) Military Reforms Education Education Industrialization (textiles, sugar, shipbuilding, weapons) Industrialization Territorial Expansion The Sues Canal (1854-69) Ferdinand de Lesseps Financial Problems Foreign Involvement Foreign Great Britain (1881) Great Protectorate Muslim Reform Movement in Western Sudan Western Fulbe (Fulani) Movement Revival of Islam Jihad Usuman Dan Fodio Husea Sokoto (Nigeria) Growth of Islamic States in West Africa Reforms Education European Challenge Islamic States of Western Sudan, 1800-1880 1800-1880 State Building in Southern Africa Africa Mfecane Zulu (Nguni-speaking Bantu) Dingiswayo Shaka Growth of population Zulu State (Zululand), 1800-1879 Zulu Anglo-Zulu War, 1878-79 Anglo-Zulu South Africa Boyer Dutch East India Company (1652) Cape Colony British Conquest Slavery Abolished (1834) The Great Trek Africaner Republic of Orange Free State, 1850 Zulu warriors Zulu warriors memorial memorial European Involvement, 1850European 1800 Explorations Christian Missionaries Trading Companies Colonization “Scramble for Africa Conclusion Conclusion State Building Internal Tensions and Warfare Vulnerability Colonization ...
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