Exercise22 - LogMeanTemperatureDifference...

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Log Mean Temperature Difference 373.15 341.15 Heat Transfer Area 326.15 349.15 Area (Table-4) 24 Flow Area (Shell Side) 15 Flow Area (Tube Side) 0.470 ΔTlm 19.149 Density of water at 4 C S.Gravity (Tube Side) Correction Factor Temperature  S.Gravity (Shell Side) P= (t2-t1/T1-t1) 0.49 Density Tube side (15 C) R=(T1-T2/t2-t1) 1.39 Density Shell side (15 C) 0.88 Tube side flow rate shell side flow rate Heat Duty (Q)  m (Tube Side) 31,200 kg/hr Cp (Tube Side) 2.68 KJ/Kg-C Vel Tube side ΔT (Tube Side) 23 C Vel Shell Side Heat Duty (Q=m.Cp.ΔT)  534213.33 J/sec Tube Side Heat Transfer Co- ΔTlm 16.851 C Kinematic Viscosity (T.Side) Dynamic Viscosity (T.side) Renold number  Re (T.side) T.Side Thermal Conductivity Shell Side Heat Transfer Co- Kinematic Viscosity (S.Side) Dynamic Viscosity (S.side) Re (S.side) Shell Side Thermal Conductivity Cp Shell Side hs hi (est) T (shell side inlet, K) T 2  (shell side outlet, K) t 1  (tubeside inlet, K) A= Q/U.ΔT lm t 2
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This note was uploaded on 02/18/2010 for the course CHEMICAL E 121 taught by Professor Rahul during the Spring '10 term at Punjab Engineering College.

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Exercise22 - LogMeanTemperatureDifference...

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