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final process design - J an 010 ASSIGNMENT SCRIPTS...

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Jan 010 ASSIGNMENT: SCRIPTS, FUNCTIONS & GRAPHICS Modelling and Simulation Course Supervisors: Edwin Zondervan Mathieu Westerweele Maria Toledo Perez
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Scripts, Functions & Graphics Rahul Patil Nikola Zotovic Objective The assignment is divided in two parts. The Matlab program is used to obtain the objectives. - Part 1: Creating and executing a program that converts an input speed in knots to an output speed in miles per hour. - Part 2: Solving a differential equation of free fall with linear friction by an approximate method. Also, we had to make a graphical comparison with the exact solution (analytical) of the equation. Part 1: Script-file creation exercise - M-file: % %Assignment: Scripts, functions & graphics - part1 % %Speed conversion of knots in miles per hour % velo_knot=input( 'Put_velocity_in_knots= ' ) velo_mph=1.151*velo_knot disp( '' );fprintf( '\n Speed of %f knots = %f mph\n' ,velo_knot,velo_mph) - Results: Put_velocity_in_knots= 35 velo_knot =35 velo_mph =40.2850 Speed of 35.000000 knots = 40.285000 mph *Program has been saved under the name: “Assignment2part1.m” 2
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