Module 13 - 19:28 Objective 13-1 • Our body has the...

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Unformatted text preview: 19:28 Objective 13-1 • Our body has the ability to convert one sort of energy to another • Sensory transduction is the process by which our sensory systems encode stimulus energy as neural messages o Eyes receive light energy and transform energy into neural messages that the brain then processes into what you consciously see • The electromagnetic spectrum ranges from short waves of gamma waves to long waves of radio transmission o Light’s wavelength determines its hue and intensity influences brightness Objective 13-2 • Light enters the eye through the cornea, which protects the eye and bends light to provide focus • Light then passes through the pupil…the pupil size, and therefore the amount of light entering the eye is regulated by the iris • The iris adjusts light intake by dilating and constricting in response to light intensity and even inner emotions • Behind the pupil is a lens that focuses the incoming rays into an image on the eye’s light- sensitive back surface by changing its curvature in a process called accommodation • • In nearsightedness, the misshapen eyeball focuses the light rays from distant objects in front of the retina • In farsighedness, the light rays from nearby objects reach the retina before they have produced a focused image, making nearby objects appear blurry Objective 13-3 • A single particle of light energy in your eye first makes its way through the retina’s outer layer of cells to its buried receptor cells, the rods and cones •...
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Module 13 - 19:28 Objective 13-1 • Our body has the...

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