Module 15 - 23:41 Objective 15-1 Touch is essential to our...

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23:41 Objective 15-1 Touch is essential to our development o Rats deprived of their mothers’ grooming touch produce less growth hormone and have a lower metabolic rate…stunts growth o Premature babies gain weight faster and go home sooner if they are stimulated by hand massage Sense of touch = pressure + warmth + cold + pain Touch sensations involve more than tactile stimulation o A self-produced tickle produces less somatosensory cortex activation than the same tickle would from something or someone else…our brain is wise enough to be most sensitive to unexpected stimulation o When a real and fake hand are touched simultaneously, the volunteer feels as though the fake hand she can see is her own Objective 15-2 Pain is your body’s way of telling you something has gone wrong and you should change your behavior immediately Biological Influences: Activity in spinal cord’s large and small fibers Genetic differences in endorphin production The brain’s interpretation of CNS activity Psychological influences: Attention to pain Learning based on experience Expectations Social-cultural influences: Presence of others Empathy for others’ pain Cultural expectations
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Biological + Psychological + Social-cultural influences = Personal experience of pain People born without the ability to feel pain usually experience severe injury o Without the discomfort that makes us occasionally shift positions, their joints fail
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Module 15 - 23:41 Objective 15-1 Touch is essential to our...

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