Module 16 - Module 16 21:15 Objective 1 • When vision...

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Unformatted text preview: Module 16 21:15 Objective 1 • When vision competes with other senses, vision usually wins… VISUAL CAPTURE o Even when we know the sound in a movie comes from a projector behind us, we see the actors talking on the screen and we perceive the sound is coming from their voices Objective 2 • To transform sensory information into meaningful perceptions, we must organize it • We must perceive objects as distinct from their surroundings, see them as having a meaningful and constant form, and discern their distance and motion • When given a cluster of sensations, we tend to organize them into a gestalt • Our brains do more than merely register information about the world • Perception is not just opening a shutter and letting a picture print itself on the brain • We constantly filter sensory information and infer perceptions in ways that make sense to us Objective 16-3 • Our first perceptual task is to perceive any object, called the figure , as distinct from its surroundings, called the ground • The figure-ground relationship continually reverses, but always we organize the stimulus into a figure seen against a ground • Having discriminated figure from ground, we now have to organize the figure into a meaningful form • We instantly and automatically process color, movement, and light/dark contrast • To bring order and form to these basic sensations, our minds follow certain rules for grouping stimuli together • Proximity- we group nearby figures together • Similarity- we group together figures that are similar to each other • Continuity- we perceive smooth, continuous patterns rather than discontinuous ones • Connectedness- because they are uniform and linked, we perceive things as a single unit • Closure- we fill in gaps to create a complete, whole object Objective 16-4 •...
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Module 16 - Module 16 21:15 Objective 1 • When vision...

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