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Module 24 - 23:59 Objective 24-1 Memory any indication that...

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23:59 Objective 24-1 Memory- any indication that learning has persisted over time. Our ability to store and retrieve information There are certain events that occur and we remember exactly where we were, what we were wearing, what the weather was like…etc. We define the world as “before and after” this event This perceived clarity for our memories of surprising, significant events leads some psychologists to call them flashbulb memories ...Our brain commands “capture this!” Objective 24-2 In forming memories, you must select, process, store, and retrieve information You process information not only in the “cramming” for tests, but also in the skills you learn and in your processing of countless daily events To remember any event, we must get information into our brain (encoding ), retain that information (storage ), and later get it back out (retrieval ) Atkinson and Shiffrin’s classic THREE-STAGE PROCESSING MODEL OF MEMORY We form memories through 3 stages
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