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20:50 Everyone communicates nonverbally as well as verbally Most of us are good enough at reading nonverbal cues to decipher emotions and we are especially good at detecting nonverbal threats In a crowd of happy faces, a single angry face will pop out faster than a single happy one We read fear and anger mostly from the eyes, and happiness from the mouth Introverts tend to do better at reading others’ emotions, although extraverts are themselves easier to read Experience can sensitize us to particular emotions Physically abused children are much quicker than other children to see anger Women generally surpass men at reading people’s emotional cues Women’s nonverbal sensitivity also gives them an edge in spotting lies Women have surpassed men in discerning whether a male-female couple is a genuine romantic couple or a posed phony couple, and in discerning which of two people in a photo is the other’s supervisor Women’s nonverbal sensitivity helps explain their greater emotional literacy
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