Module 42 - 17:00 Coping- alleviating stress using...

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17:00 Coping - alleviating stress using emotional, cognitive, or behavioral methods Problem-focused coping - attempting to alleviate stress directly- by changing the stressor or the way we interact with that stressor Emotion-focused coping- attempting to alleviate stress by avoiding or ignoring a stressor and attending to emotional needs related to one’s stress reaction Aerobic exercise - sustained exercise that increases heart and lung fitness; may also alleviate depression and anxiety Biofeedback - a system for electronically recording, amplifying, and feeding back information regarding a subtle physiological state, such as blood pressure of muscle tension Complementary and alternative medicine - unproven health care treatments not taught widely in medical schools, not used in hospitals, and not usually reimbursed my insurance companies We cope with stress using 2 different methods Problem-focused coping o Address stressors directly o Talking to the person to work out problems o We use problem-focused strategies when we feel a sense of control over a situation and think we can change the circumstances, or at least change ourselves to more capably deal with the circumstances Emotion-focused coping o Reaching out to friends to help address our emotional needs o We use emotion-focused coping when we cannot- or believe we cannot- change a situation Uncontrollable threats trigger the strongest stress responses
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Module 42 - 17:00 Coping- alleviating stress using...

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