Module 44 - Module 44 FREUDDDDDD Freuds psychoanalytic...

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Module 44 FREUDDDDDD Freud’s psychoanalytic theory -the first comprehensive theory of personality, which included ideas about an unconscious region of the mind, psychosexual stages, and defense mechanisms for holding anxiety at bay Free association- a method of exploring the unconscious by telling someone to relax and say whatever comes to mind, no matter how embarrassing or trivial -Freud was interested in the unacceptable passions/thoughts that he believed we repress -he believed that, although we are not consciously aware of them, these troublesome feelings and ideas powerfully influence us -viewed jokes as expressions of repressed sexual and aggressive tendencies -believed that the remembered content of dreams (their manifest content) was a censored expression of the dreamer’s unconscious wishes (the dream’s latent content) he believed…. Human personality arises from a conflict between our aggressive, pleasure-seeking biological impulses and the internalized social restraints against them -personality is the result of our efforts to resolve this basic conflict- to express these impulses in ways that bring satisfaction without also bringing guilt or punishment Proposed 3 interacting systems: the ID, the EGO, and the SUPEREGO ID Has a reservoir of unconscious psychic energy constantly striving to stasfy basic drives to survive, reproduce, and aggress Operates on the pleasure principle: if not constrained by reality, it seeks immediate gratification o Ex. Crying baby, doesn’t care about outside world’s conditions o Ex. Drug user, instant satisfaction…no long term perspective EGO Operates on reality principle- seeks to gratify the id’s impulses in realistic ways that will bring long-term pleasure rather than pain or destruction
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Module 44 - Module 44 FREUDDDDDD Freuds psychoanalytic...

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