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Essay 1: Models in Human Ecology Due Jan 29 th Please incorporate these three sections into a well-written paper. Remember, this means introductory paragraph, cohesive paragraphs with topic sentences, good grammar, transitions between paragraphs, and a conclusion. 1. Why is it necessary for human ecologists to build models? What are some potential problems/challenges? 2. Discuss the picture the Developmental and Ecological models paint of simple societies. Why do these models give an unrealistic view of the relationship between humans and their environments? 3. Select and describe one of the more sophisticated models we discussed in
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Unformatted text preview: class. What human ecological questions does this model help us address (strengths)? What additional factors might be necessary to better understand the relationship between humans and their environment (weaknesses)? The 40 points will be allocated as such: 10 points for writing 30 points for content (10 for each section) Note: Please do your own printing! Only hard copies of your essay will be accepted for grading. Email attachments will NOT be accepted. Please print out your essay and either hand it to me or put it in my box on the 3 rd floor of Young Hall....
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