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University of California, Davis Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Fall 2005 J. Harvey, instructor NAME____________________________________________________________ ECI 179 - PAVEMENT ENGINEERING Mid-Term Conditions: closed book, closed notes. NOTE: “Brief” means BRIEF, no credit for lots of words that don’t give me additional information specifically asked for in the question!!! Part I (1 point each) True-False Circle the correct answer as to whether the statement is T-true or F-false. The statement must be completely true to be considered true. 1. T F Jointed plain concrete pavement does not have reinforcing steel in the slab, but may have smooth steel dowels for load transfer efficiency at the transverse joints. 2. T F Particle size gradation, liquid limit and penetration are the tests used for the Unified Soil Classification System. 3. T F In asphalt concrete mixes, thermal cracks are caused by cold temperatures, and initiate at the surface and propagate downward through the mix. 4. T F One pass of an axle weighing 100 kN causes the same damage as 2.6 passes of an 80 kN axle load, assuming that the 4.2 load equivalence exponent is correct. 5.
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UCD+179+mt+f05 - University of California, Davis Department...

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