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University of California, Davis Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Fall 2008 J. Harvey, instructor NAME____________________________________________________________ ECI 179 - PAVEMENT ENGINEERING Mid-Term Conditions: closed book, closed notes. NOTE: “Brief” means BRIEF, no credit for lots of words that don’t provide additional information specifically asked for in the question!!! Part I (1 point each) True-False Circle the correct answer as to whether the statement is T-true or F-false. The statement must be completely true to be considered true. 1. T F Compacting a subgrade soil at a water content on the dry side of the optimum water content makes it stiffer, but more susceptible to expansion. 2. T F In the UCS classification system, MH indicates that a soil has Medium High susceptibility to expansion. 3. T F Modulus of rupture (MR) for concrete is the flexural strength and concrete in flexure fails in tension. 4. T F Jointed plain concrete pavement has reinforcing steel in the slab, and may or may not have smooth steel dowels for load transfer efficiency at the transverse joints. 5. T F The purpose of reinforcing steel in reinforced concrete pavement is to hold cracks tightly together to maintain aggregate interlock, not to support tensile loads. 6. T F Sulfate attack is a problem that can occur in asphalt concrete, and is caused by sulfate bearing soils in contact with the asphalt concrete producing solutions that reduce its pH which reduces its strength. 7. T F Ride quality and surface condition (type, severity and extent of distresses) are the two types of data routinely collected each year in most pavement management systems. . 8.
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ucd+179+mt+f08 - University of California, Davis Department...

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