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ECON 316-010 #4869 TOPICS IN THE ECONOMIC HISTORY OF THE U.S. Farley Grubb Spring 2010 (10S) FROM THE CONSTITUTION TO 1907 405 Purnell, 831-1905 MWF 1:25pm-2:15pm Office Hours: By Appointment 126 Alfred Lerner Hall [email protected] COURSE OUTLINE Textbook: Gary M. Walton and Hugh Rockoff, History of the American Economy (Southwestern, 11th Edition, 2010). Additional materials listed are either on Sakai [SK] or accessible through the electronic library [EL]. Course Progression: I. The Early U.S. Republic: What was the Economic Impact of the U.S. Constitution? Textbook Readings : Walton and Rockoff, chapter 7 (all) and chapter 8, pp. 125-131. Reading : The U.S. Constitution [SK] A . The Constitution and the Transformation of Monetary Powers Reading : Farley Grubb, “The US Constitution and Monetary Powers: An Analysis of the 1787 Constitutional Convention and the Constitutional Transformation of the US Monetary System,” Financial History Review , 13, no. 1 (Apr. 2006), pp. 43-71. [EL] B. The Constitution and the Creation of a Common or Integrated National Market Reading : Farley Grubb, “Testing for the Economic Impact of the U.S. Constitution: Purchasing Power Parity across the Colonies versus across the States, 1748-1811,” Journal of Economic History , 70 (Mar. 2010), forthcoming [SK]. C. Land Policy and the Financial Position of the New U.S. Federal Government Readings : (1) Farley Grubb, “The Net Worth of the U.S. Federal Government, 1784-1802,” American Economic Review—Papers of Proceedings , 97 (May 2007), pp. 280-284. [EL jstor] (2) Farley Grubb, “U.S. Land Policy: Founding Choices and Outcomes, 1781-1802,” in Douglas A. Irwin and Richard Sylla, eds., Founding Choices (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2010). [SK] II. Immigration and Servitude in the Early Republic: New Freedoms or Same Old Markets? Textbook Reading : Walton and Rockoff, chapter 11 (all) and chapter 18 (all). Reading
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Outline316-10S - ECON 316-010#4869 Spring 2010(10S MWF...

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