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Maksuda Khatoon 106261220 12/02/8 JRN 101 Exam III To study for the exam on Thursday, here are some helpful hints: Review all the Lecture slides from the previous three lectures - there were two on TV and Broadcast and one on the Internet. Review the Media Debates assignment on the Internet and whether it debases journalism Review the 60 minutes assignment and video and think about what we learned about the Katrina coverage and opening the freezer Review the reading on The Bias of Language, The Bias of Pictures and how language is used Know how to spot context in a story - context is the parts of a story which help to determine its meaning. .. Think about the lessons we learned about looking at internet sites and the list we put up on the board in recitation. Know about rank and reliability in looking at internet sites Know some of the steps to check an internet site's reliability Know what to look for in TV news - Winners and Sinners LECTURE 10: TV 1 Lessons for a Smart News Consumer Be an Active News Consumer- Pay Attention TV is an important news source but should not be your only news source Cons of TV news
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It is time constrained It can lack visual elements to important stories It can sometime shortchange complex stories It is a linear experience Pros of TV news It makes you a witness to important events in real time It can be a powerful took for verification It gives you face-to-face storytelling It can tell complex stories in interesting ways Public Television National Audience Nightly News program Some local public affairs programs Local Stations Focus on local news, sports, and weather If it Bleeds, It Leeds Late, Live, and Local Broadcast Networks Large National Audience Regularly-Scheduled Broadcasts on set times and days
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JRN_review_sheet_for_exam_III[1] - Maksuda Khatoon...

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