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Chem(2006) Final Exam - State University of New York at...

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Department of Chemistry CHE 141, Honors Chemistry I Final Exam Dec. 22, 2006 Form 1 Write and code your student ID number on the answer sheet, and enter your full name and signature at the upper right. The answer sheets will not be returned, so you should record your answers on the question pages for comparison with the posted answers. Results sill be posted on the Blackboard website. Think before writing. Use the backs of these pages for scratch work. Note that a table of standard reduction potentials and a periodic table are attached to this exam. R = 8.31 J/K-mol = 0.0821 L-atm/K-mol.  F = 96,485 Coulombs/mol. The first ten questions are multiple choice. They are worth ten points each. Please code your choices for each question in the corresponding space on the answer sheet. Please answer questions 7-10 specifically, concisely, and readably in the spaces provided on the right side of the Scantron answer sheet. Thermodynamic data: ∆H f ° (kJ/mol) ∆G f ° (kJ/mol) S° (J/K-mol) H 2 O (l) -286 -237 70 H 2 O (g) -242 -229 189 Fe 2 O 3 (s) -826 -740 90 Na 2 O (s) -416 -377 73 NO (g) 90 87 211 NO 2 (g) 34 52 240 1. Using data in the table of standard reduction potentials, what is the K sp of PbSO 4 ? (A) About 10 8 (B) About 10 -16 (C) About 10 -8 (D) About 10 16 (E) About 10 -12 2. Which one of the following is not exactly zero? (A) The free energy of oxygen in the air (B) The free energy of reaction of a system at equilibrium (C) The potential of the half-cell 2 H + (aq., 1 M) + 2 e - → H 2 (1 atm) (D) The potential
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Chem(2006) Final Exam - State University of New York at...

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