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Unformatted text preview: Getting Started with Quartus II and the MIPS model Download the MIPS model zip file from the ECE 3055 web site ( www.ece.gatech.edu/~hamblen/3055 ) and unzip the files into a new mydesigns directory created on the PC’s local disk drive. Do not try to work off a network or flash drive it is too slow for these complex CAD tools! After setting up the files in your new directory and start ing Quartus II , select File e Open Project e drive :\ mydesigns \MIPS.qpf . Then select File e Open e drive :\ mydesigns \MIPS.vhd and the VHDL top level source file should appear. You can use File e Open to open the other VHDL files in the project for edits as needed. After opening the MIPS project, compile the design with Processing e Start Compilation. The project should compile with no errors in a couple minutes. Click OK on the window that appears after compilation is complete. Later on when you make changes to the model and have compile errors, you can click on a red error message in the bottom window to automatically open the source file and go to the line that produced the...
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