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Philosohpy project - Philosophy Project Austin DeBoer...

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Philosophy Project Austin DeBoer Argument in Standard Form: (1) Deaths results from lack of food, shelter, and medical care are unjustified. (2) It is morally right for affluent countries to try and prevent unjust situations around the world [Implicit] (3) If the people in affluent countries were reacting justly to these situations around the world, then there would be some action in preventing the unjust deaths in the Bengal. (4)Affluent countries are not acting to prevent the unjust deaths in Bengal The way people in relatively affluent countries react to a situation like that in Bengal is unjustified. Analysis: This is an argument by Peter Singer that was used in several of his own books, but it can also be found in a collection of Philosophical essays entitled: Social Ethics: Morality and Social Policy by: Thomas A Mappes and James S. Zembaty. This article is intended for a philosophy class, mainly contemporary moral problems, and thus the arguments are outlined and presented in philosophical structure and rhetoric. This article is Singer’s argument that countries around the
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Philosohpy project - Philosophy Project Austin DeBoer...

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