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Chapter 7 homework - Chapter 7 homework Exercise 7.1...

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Chapter 7 homework Austin DeBoer Exercise 7.1: Criticizing arguments that contain unclear words or Expressions: 1. b. Exceptional children should be given special attention by the public education system. The words “exceptional”, “special”, and “public” all offer different interpretations of this argument. “Exceptional” causes vagueness because we don’t know from this argument what is considered exceptional. Also the word special is vague because we are not told what would be considered range to be considered normal or special, while this term also is ambiguous because special could mean above average or below average. Also, the term “public” could be misconstrued by many things because it is unclear if it means the state schools, specialty public schools ( such as the school for the blind/ deaf) or it is means the average stereotypical elementary through high school. Assigning different interpretations changes the outcome because if the student is not deemed exceptional, but special for other reasons, such as a physical disability, they would still require special attention by public school, not just because of intelligence. d. The average American family has 3.2 members. The word average is vague because how are supposed to determine what qualifies a family as average. Since everyone and everyone’s background is different is it even plausible to purpose the idea of normalcy? However, in regards to his statement the idea of average could change validity of this statement because if the average is set to be between 3.5 and 4 members, then the conclusion is obviously false. The inclusion of the term members is also vague because if you mean immediate family that could be mom, dad, and a few children, or it could mean members living together, which could include
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Chapter 7 homework - Chapter 7 homework Exercise 7.1...

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