Paper 2 - Austin DeBoer Iran versus the United States An...

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Austin DeBoer Iran versus the United States? An ideological Analysis of the New York Times’ impact on world relations In relation to the field of journalism and its link to shaping the mind-set of world citizens, I have found it unsoundly clear that the New York Times idiolect comes from frames and points of view that negate the optimistic goal of neutral journalism. The articles I have found offer different perspectives on relations between Iran and the U.S. and are good samples with which a cogent analysis could take place. The tone and frame conveyed in the articles is much easier to see when you have some background information on the foreign policy relations between the United States and Iran. There have been tensions since before the 1950s, but in 1953 the United States arrested Iran’s prime minister during a coup. This gave Shah Reza Pahlavi Autocratic power and many Iranians blamed America for their limited freedoms. Because of these tensions, the country virtually exploded in 1979, where Iranians took hold of the American embassy and held citizens for 444 days during the Iranian revolution. Since these two primary conflicts support for forces against Iran, as well as open political persecution have caused foreign The liberal aspects of the New York Times come across clearly in the way defined terms are used connotatively in their articles. Several phrases, such as the terms used to describe the American government vary widely depending on the topic being discusses. For example, The United States government is referred to as “Bush” or “Bush’s administration,” each correlating with a particular
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Paper 2 - Austin DeBoer Iran versus the United States An...

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