Paper 3 - Austin DeBoer UT eid: amd2557 True Journalism: An...

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Austin DeBoer UT eid: amd2557 True Journalism: An Analysis of New York Times Columnist Charlie Savage Journalism is a conduit, a pathway for knowledge from aspects of society that affect the intended audience. The size of the United States and the fast-paced movement of modern times prove that it would be nearly impossible for every citizen of a free country to exercise their freedom without the information of the day’s events being condensed and focused. This is only achievable if we have journalists whom reach the ideas of journalism and serve the public by delivering clear, fair, and truthful information. Charlie Savage of the New York Times, I feel, is a journalist that sticks with the majority of principles of journalism, outlines by Bill Kovach and Tom Rosenstiel in their book The Elements of Journalism: What News People should Know and the Public Should Expect , which I have used as the framework for this analysis. First, the basis for journalism is noted by Kovach and Rosenstiel as “journalistic truth.” This means that the journalist should only report information that is rooted in facts, proof, and reliable sources known to be true in present time. Savage draws all of his statements from quotes or documented information, as well as noting his sources. For example, Savage, in his article “Bush, Out of Office, Could oppose Inquires,” makes the argument that now that President Bush is leaving office, like former president Truman, he would attempt to invoke the power of “executive privilege” to keep records of his administration’s indiscretions from being released (Savage). Savage bases this off quoted statements from Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, John Conyers Jr, documented reports, and historical knowledge of pervious presidents. Kovach and Rosenstiel take a stance on their second principal, asserting, “Journalism’s first
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Paper 3 - Austin DeBoer UT eid: amd2557 True Journalism: An...

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