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The Animating Spirit of Journalism

The Animating Spirit of Journalism - • Journalism is...

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The Animating Spirit of Journalism Guest Speaker: Tracy Dahlby, Director of School of Journalism Journalism is about curiosity… o Curiosity in yourself about the world o Curiosity is the “heartbeat” of the journalism Journalism allows you to continue to educate yourself Dahlby was the managing editor of Newsweek International Real test of journalism is to take your ideas and test them in the real world “Journalism takes ordinary people where they cannot go and shows them things they can’t easily see.”
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Unformatted text preview: • Journalism is about making the world transparent • Journalism’s Role in a Democratic Society: o “The primary purpose of journalism is to provide citizens with the info they need to be free and self-governing” • “Journalism must serve as an independent monitor of power” • Journalism re-invents itself every generation • The reality of journalism lies in Legend vs. Law o i.e. The legend of journalism against the laws it must follow...
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