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Throughout the understanding of modern democracy

Throughout the understanding of modern democracy - Austin...

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Austin DeBoer Throughout the understanding of modern democracy, it is quickly determined that democracy in the modern world is an intricate, reliant, and thus effectively unrealistic system of government. In every aspect of life, from the political aspect of Washington to the tasks that simply govern your day-to-day life, there is a pattern of decision-making that can often resemble the idea of democracy, but in reality simply be a basis for equality. Democracy is often the desired way of determining simply because it ideally gives every person the voice they want, so that they can have their opinion heard and understood by all others; in an effort to either gain their votes for their cause or off up a clearer, more effective solution. Dahl comments that many who would critique the ideal democracy bases its entire understanding on “simple rhetoric”, but in many unforeseen aspects of life we have grown to find democracy as second nature. Whether we want to go to a movie, which movie? Who should we invite? What should we do afterwards? Where should our next vacation be? All of these real life questions are often answered by a smaller, and as many governments around the world have shown us, more effective decision making. In the roots of democracy are several principles that are complementary to Dahl’s principle theory that all members are to be treated as if they were equally qualified to participate in the process of decision-making, whether it is in day-to- day life or involved with the government. These principles help to define what the democratic process
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