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UGS Presentation Austin DeBoer The relationship between journalism and democracy is one of the most primitive biconditional relationships I can find in modern society. Essentially most see democracy as the pinnacle of freedom in modern times, regardless if it is a complete democracy or the representative democracy, such as the United States. Democracy can only happen if the people are informed of issues, changes, and all other aspects involving the government. Enter Journalism, who’s role to inform the people is in fact only possible if the government can set enough freedom to allow free press and un monopolized control over the news printing and broadcasting . Everyone seems to grasp that journalism is not what it should be, because of bias or complete lack of substance, therefore, reforming modern journalism should become a priority for the people. Much of the trust lost in the government, as seen in Watergate, and now with the Bush administration stems from poor communication with the press, excluding Bush’s own media mistakes. Journalism, much like democracy, can never reach the ideal, but there are different ways to improve how it functions. First, I do not think anyone can assess reforming journalism until the idea of what is news is defined. News is different to everyone, from those who opposed proposition two and wanted to know how much cutting subsidies would affect local businesses, while those who support the fire department want to know how the election of a new fire chief is proceeding. These local events, as well as national events, that affect the interests of different people, I feel, are the basis of appropriate journalism, however
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This note was uploaded on 02/19/2010 for the course UGS 203 taught by Professor Jensen during the Spring '10 term at University of Texas at Austin.

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UGS presentation - UGS Presentation Austin DeBoer The...

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