Chapter 8-14 vocab - Chapters 8-14 quiz: vocabulary,...

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Chapter 8: 1. Copia, copiae, f. abundance, supply 2. Copiae, copiarum, pl. supplies, troops, forces 3. Frater, fratris, m. brother 4. Laus, laudis, f. praise, glory, fame 5. Libertas, libertatis, f. liberty 6. Ratio, rationis, f. reckoning, account; reason, judgement, consideration; system; manner; method 7. Scriptor, scriptoris, m. writer, author 8. Soror, sororis, f. sister 9. Victorias, victoriae, f, victory 10. Dum, conjunction, while, as long as, at the same time that 11. Ad , preposition + accusative, to, up to, near to 12. Ex, or e, preposition + ablative, out of, from within 13. Numquam, adjective, never 14. Tamen, adjective, nevertheless, still 15. Ago, agree, egi, actum, todrive, lead, do, act 16. Demonstro, demonstere, demonstrui, demonstrum (1), to point out, show, deomonstrate 17. Disco, discere,didici, to learn 18. Doceo, docere, docui,doctum, to teach 19. Duco,ducere,duxi,ductum, to lead; consider, regard, prolong 20. Gero, gerere, gessi, gestum, to carry; carry on, manage, conduct 21. Scribo, scribere, scripsi, scriptum, to write, compose 22. Traho, trahere, traxi, tractum, to draw, drag, derive 23. Vinco, vincere, vici, victum, to conquer, overcome Chapter 9: 1. Locus, loci, m, place; passage in literature
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Loca, locrum, n, places, region Loci, locorum, m, passages in literature 2. Morbus, mori, m, disease, sickness 3. Stadium, studii, n, eagerness, zeal, pursuit, study
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Chapter 8-14 vocab - Chapters 8-14 quiz: vocabulary,...

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