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11/03/08: "Driving America: the Cultural value of the automobile" Monday, November 03, 2008 2:55 PM Today's Topics: Id's: Fordism, style obsolescence , "Body by Fisher" Lecture Topic: The rise of Automobiles at the turn of the century; o European Innovators: Daimler, Benz, and Lavassor o First ones to invent functional automobiles: Daimler was the first to bring out the gas powered car Carl Benz made the first commercially viable automobile from the Paris exposition Emile Lavassor made changes for where the engine and chassis are located on the car allowing for larger and more powerful engines. In 1895, there was a huge car rash that went from Paris to bordou and back to Paris. And this race captured the feelings of Americans and the love of cars was born. o American Innovators: Duryea Brothers: These brothers originally made bicycles, but were the first to sell gasoline powered cars in the united states This was an easy trend that developed because they were part of the bicycle craze in the 1880s and now they were transitioning to meet the new demand for transportation. Electric cars were being developed by they had a problem Steam cars made huge emissions and were limited by resources because you would have to burn wood in the engine. In 1893 they built the first successful American made gas powered car. They put it on the market in 1896, but they were really expensive and that greatly limited their sales. In 1899, approximately American manufacturers were making cars in American. By 1910 over 1/2 a million cars were registered and on the road. Cars weren't always liked and they were seen as a pretensions symbol of wealth that
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11-03-08 notes - 11/03/08: "Driving America: the...

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