2-17-09 notes - 1 Artificial vs natural selection o Natural...

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1. Artificial vs. natural selection: o Natural selection: Peppered moth In Manchester, NY the peppered moths we easily middle in the tress, but as time progressed industrialization began to cover the trees with soot from factories, where the black moth was easily hidden, not the peppered moths by predators. Color pocket mice: In parts of Arizona, a black crust from lava flow result in mountains, as well as it's duster like environment in two different colors for mice, a sandy brown or a black. Resistance to rat poison Wofarin--a compound that was good for killing rats, but it also made most of them leave the house in search for water, making their deaths more sanitary. However, some rats developed the ability to survive the rat poison. This happened in Scotland, and began to expand to the U.S. (California, New York) the resistance level represents a bell curve, where some were more resistant and those who survive become the minimum for further generations, meaning you need to put larger quantities down in order to actually overpower the resistance level. Resistance to insecticides pests are gaining resistance because of the same thing from the resistance to rat poison. Resistance to antibiotics
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2-17-09 notes - 1 Artificial vs natural selection o Natural...

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