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1. Roles of the president a. Constitutional roles i. Commander in chief ii. Chief executive/ administrator iii. Chief diplomat iv. Chief Legislator v. Chief of State [ceremonial] b. Developed by presidential practice vi. party leader (Jefferson) vii. representative of the people (Jackson) viii. Mobilizer of the government (Lincoln; Wilson) ix. moral leader (Lincoln, Wilson) x. mobilize of the people (Theodore Roosevelt) xi. World Leader (McKinley; Theodore Roosevelt; Wilson) xii Social Reformer (Theodore Roosevelt) xiii. Manager of the Economy (Wilson; Franklin Roosevelt) 2. President’s legal powers a. X enumerated (stated in the constitution b. X implied (by those powers enermerated) c. X d. X
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3. President G. W. Bush’s efforts a. After 9/11, argument of “new paradigm” i. “unitary executive” claim to unilateral authority ii. Cheney’s “one percent doctrine” b. restricting access oflCongress to info about key programs c. classifying and reclassifying documents
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310Lspring2009PresidenckyLectureOutline - Lecture Outline:...

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