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Unformatted text preview: Gov 310L Spring 2009 (Edwards) Final Exam Essay Questions The final exam will consist of two of these four essay questions, which we will choose, worth up to 35 points each, plus 30 multiple choice questions focused on the last part of the course, but also drawing on key ideas and other materials from the rest of the course, and of course including the N.Y. Times articles from the last part of the course through May 8. Each multiple choice question will be worth one point. There will also be 4 extra credit questions on world affairs drawn from the Times , and worth a point apiece, as usual. You will answer all questions except the multiple choice ones on the exam, so you will not need a blue book, but you will need a pencil for the Scantron. You will not be allowed to use notes or other study materials in the exam. We are giving you these essay questions in advance so you can think carefully about them, review relevant materials about them from lecture, the textbook, the N.Y. Times , and videos, and decide how you want to answer them. We believe this will make your studying a more valuable experience and allow you to reflect on the significance, relevance, and usefulness of what youve learned. Because you have the questions in advance, we will expect your answers to be both thoughtful and very well-informed, and considerably more thorough than those on the first two exams, though we will not expect you to use specific citations of sources in your answers. You will have the full three hours to complete the exam if you wish. The two essay questions on the exam will be chosen from these four questions, and will appear exactly as they are here on the exam. (1) President Obama and his new administration have faced a wide array of challenges in their first 100 days, foremost among them the severe economic recession. In general, Republicans in Congress have refused to support his proposals for dealing with this economic crisis. Based on what you have learned about American politics and policy this semester, answer the following questions, supporting your answer with materials from the textbook, lectures, and the N.Y. Times where appropriate. (a) What is the nature of this economic crisis as a policy problem in the view of Obama and his administration, and how has his definition of the problem influenced the key policies and programs he has proposed to deal with it? He feels that this is the worst economic crisis since the great depression, which: o He Feels that the majority of this economic fallout has stemmed from poorly managed government programs, who have been able to cheat credit and mortgage programs to benefit themselves. Main street not Wall street (b) What is the nature of this economic crisis as a policy problem in the view of the Republican leadership in Congress, and how has this definition of the problem influenced the policies and programs it has proposed to deal with it?...
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