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casestudy2_plants_sp10 - Case Study 2 Plants Global change...

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Case Study 2 – Plants – Global change and agricultural weed management Due Thursday, Feb. 18, 2010 in Lecture (10 points) Instructions: This case will be introduced in discussion section the week of Feb 8, and revisited in discussion the week of Feb 15. You are encouraged to discuss your answers in small groups during and outside of discussion. However, you are expected to formulate your final answer independently and turn in a unique answer in your own words . Your challenge: Weeds pose a huge economic and logistical problem in the cultivation of soybean ( Glycine max ), especially for organic farmers that can’t use herbicides or genetically modified crops. One of the most problematic weed species in the Midwest is giant foxtail ( Setaria faberi ), an invasive annual grass native to Asia. Giant foxtail aggressively colonizes disturbed landscapes—such as plowed fields—and can cause large declines in soybean yield by effectively competing with and stunting the growth of soybean plants.
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