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152-ChocolateTea_Exercise1Part3_2010sp - Can you propose an...

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Group Member Names (Lastname, Firstname) Lab Number_____________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ GROUP CONSENSUS ANSWERS Exercise 1 - Part 3: HOW SHOULD WE ANALYZE THE DATA WE COLLECT? 1. Are there certain issues, facts or ideas that all the articles agree with? What are these ? 2. Are there any areas of disagreement among the articles? Are there differences in methodology, etc., that might lead to the disagreement? For instance, did all the studies use similar subjects or similar doses? 3. What types of evidence are presented to support each of the argument(s)? 4. What additional evidence, etc. is needed to determine which, if any, of the results or arguments is more valid? 5. What needs to be done to obtain this evidence?
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Unformatted text preview: Can you propose an experiment (other than those discussed in the articles you read) that would help solve some aspect of the current disagreement? Explain. 6. Did all the members of your group choose the same articles to include in the spreadsheet? What criteria did you each use to select your articles? 7. What information would you need from the articles to do a summary report of each article? 8. What information would you need from the articles to do an analysis? 9. What would a report of the information in the articles look like? Provide an example by reporting some of the data in one or more of the articles. 10. How would an analysis of the articles differ? Provide an example....
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