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Group Member Names (Lastname, Firstname) Lab Number_____________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ 1 Part 4 - HOW DO YOUR INDIVIDUAL ANALYSES OF THE EFFECTS OF CHOCOLATE VERSUS TEA COMPARE? (To be completed in lab.) In mixed “chocolate” and “tea” groups, compare the consensus findings for the articles on tea to those for the articles on chocolate. a. Looking back at your original question, compare your individual analyses. Are there certain issues/methods/results that are consistent between both the chocolate and the tea articles? What are these? b. Do any of the results differ for chocolate versus tea studies?
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Unformatted text preview: How do they differ? Could these differences result from differences in methodology, etc.? For instance, did all the studies use similar subjects or similar doses in treatment? c. Is there clear evidence that chocolate or tea is more effective in reducing blood pressure? What additional evidence/research is needed, if any, to determine this? What questions remain unanswered? d. What needs to be done to answer any remaining questions? Can you propose an experiment (other than those discussed in the articles) that would help answer any of these questions? Explain ....
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