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IntroBio152, Sec2 - Friday Newsletter January 22, 2010 Speeding through the Universe Thinking is the best way to travel - Mike Pinder (of The Moody Blues) This newsletter contains information on: Course related - 1) About these Newsletters 2) Discussion and Lab in Week 2 3) Quiz next Tuesday 4) How to contact the Coordinators 5) IP Questions and Information 6) Honors in IntroBio152 7) Virtual Office hours for Professors 8) Peer Mentoring in IntroBio152 9) IP Mentored students – Time to begin your lab work Other ( completely optional) – i) David Quammen talk on campus ii) The UW Writing Center is here for you! iii) Job opportunity - Field Research Assistant iv) Job opportunity - Soybean Breeding Co-Op v) Numerous summer opportunities ____________________________________________ Course related - 1) About these Newsletters A weekly newsletter like this one will be posted on the course website every Friday afternoon under an obvious heading within Content. This newsletter is always broken into two parts: Course Related and Other . You should always read the Course Related section every week. It lays out the coming week and beyond for you in IntroBio152. The Other section is completely optional as it states above. Read that optional section for any information that may pertain to interests surrounding your major and/or career choice. I apologize for the length of this first Newsletter, but this is typical for an early Newsletter in the term. Future Newsletters should be more brief…but no less important. 2) Discussion and Lab in Week 2 Discussion: This week in discussion you will work on questions related to basic plant anatomy, plant tissues and cell types, as well as primary and secondary growth. You will also be introduced to the first case study, and begin work on it in small groups. Bring any questions you have about lecture so far to discussion. Please attend only the discussion section you are registered for, unless you have prior permission from Cindee or Brian. Discussion attendance is mandatory. Please bring your textbook and/or your laptop with you to discussion. You may need a computer to assist in your work on the case study. The case study will be due in discussion the week of Feb 8. Lab: Labs for the term begin next week. The lab rooms are 223 & 226 Noland Hall. Check your enrollment to determine which room you report to. There is also a schedule posted on each door.
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To prepare for lab next week, you should visit Content>Laboratory Materials>Independent Project Lab on the course website. In that section of Content you will see a document entitled PRE-LAB ASSIGNMENTS. This will describe all that you will need to do to prepare for next week’s first lab of the semester, which will utilize your orange IP Manual – Experiencing Biology. You will not be using the green Lab manual next week, but you can certainly bring it. You should probably put both of these manuals in the same binder so that they are always bundled together (just as they were sold to you). For the upcoming week’s Pre-lab, please bring a paper copy of the following to your lab:
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22jan10news - IntroBio152 Sec2 Friday Newsletter Speeding...

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