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IntroBio152, Sec2 - Friday Newsletter January 29, 2010 No word in the English language rhymes with month, orange, silver, or purple. This newsletter contains information on: Course related - 1) Discussion and Lab in Week 3 2) IP Information 3) Mentored IP Poster Session in May 4) In-Lecture Quiz next Tuesday 5) Mid-term Conflicts 6) Virtual Office Update 7) McBurney Students Other ( completely optional ) - i) Spring Career Expo 2010 ____________________________________________ Course related - 1) Discussion and Lab in Week 3 Discussion: Before coming to discussion this week, you should have worked on Case Study #1; at the beginning of discussion you will have 10-15 minutes to work on the case in small groups. Case Study #1 is due at the beginning of discussion the week of Feb. 8 (but you may turn it in earlier if you wish). Recall that your case study write-up must be an individual effort. The case study is posted on [email protected] if you need another copy. In discussion the week of Feb. 1 you will model xylem and phloem transport, work on some water potential problems, and interpret graphs relating to transpiration, stomatal conductance, vapor pressure difference, etc. As always, please bring your textbook and lecture notes with you to discussion. If you are having difficulty with water potential, check out a tutorial at: http://ats.doit.wisc.edu/biology/pb/wr/wr.htm A direct link to this tutorial is found in the main title box on the front page of the course website (all the way to the right side). Lab: What you will be doing in Week 3 of labs will depend on your Lab Section number. Check your enrollment detail and the posted Lab/Disc Schedule under Content and make sure you know your lab section number. For section numbers 701 thru 709 (normally meets in 223 Noland Hall), you will be meeting Steenbock Library ( http://tiny.cc/SteenbockMap ) to do a lab on using the library resources for developing scientific papers, principally the IP. You will report directly to Steenbock Library (do NOT come to Noland Hall next week). Check the sign inside the main entrance of Steenbock for the appropriate room that you will go to.To prepare for this lab: - Read Chapters 2 and 3 of
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