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Learning guide for text that you should read to prepare for lectures on Jan. 19 & 21 After reading Chapter 35 (pp. 738-763) in your Campbell text (8 th ed.), you should be able to accomplish the following objectives: Identify the organs and tissue systems of plants, and explain their respective functions. Describe the principal cell types comprising each tissue system. Identify location and function of apical meristems, and sketch their general anatomy. Sketch the difference between a typical monocot and eudicot with respect to
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Unformatted text preview: organization of tissues in the primary stem. • Distinguish secondary from primary tissues in woody stem and root growth. • Identify location and function of vascular and cork cambia (meristems) in woody plants. • Contrast the life cycles of annual, biennial and perennial plants. • Summarize the fundamental processes underlying plant development. • Explain the implications of a cell’s position/location (in the plant body) for its fate with respect to growth, morphogenesis and differentiation....
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