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Office Hours – IntroBio152, Lec2 – Spring ‘10 Please check this document again later for updates and additions Professors Note: Virtual Office hours is accessible through the “ Chat ” function on our Learn@UW course site. The link to Chat is found in the grouping of items in the top left corner of the course page. Eric Kruger – Virtual Office hours : Th, 11:00a – 12:00p or by appointment (via e-mail) Miles Epstein – Virtual Office hours : T B A or by appointment (via e-mail) Sara Hotchkiss – Virtual Office hours : T B A or by appointment (via e-mail) Coordinators Brian Parks – Drop by, or by appointment (sign-up sheet by office – 229 Noland) Cindee Giffen - M 2-3p, Tu 9:30-11a, W 3:30-5:30p
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Unformatted text preview: TAs : TAs are scheduled for 1-hour office hour periods listed below. Lecture / Discussion TAs Office hours location 571 Noland Hall Karen Chen - W 2:15-3:15p Michelle Gooch - M 2:30-3:30p Maren Roe - M 4:30-5:30p Lab TAs Office hours location unless shown below otherwise - 216 or 235 Noland Hall (check both rooms same floor) Christine Anhalt - Tu 3:45-4:45p Kristin Charipar - W 4-5p Andy Gardner - Tu 12:05-1:05p in 319 Birge Hall Adrian Lesak - M 1-2p Kristine Mattis - W 1:30-2:30p Victoria Seitz - Tu 1-2p Evelyn Williams - Tu 10:30-11:30a in 338 Birge Hall...
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