Livestrong - Suggestions • I found that sometimes you...

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Steven McCommon “Livestrong, Live-not-so-strong” by Amanda Adams What Works: I enjoyed your attention to detail even with the darker truths portrayed in the protagonist Anna Felt the pathos you added within descriptions such as the “stenches of dirty Pampers, rotting Limburger cheese, and decomposing sardines.” The audience is able to related with Anna with this invested emotional interest. Your attempt at the objective correlation was successful in the Lance Armstrong calendar. I felt as if he was a character in the novel when in fact is just a symbol for success and beating the odds. The plot logically agreed and thus propelled the story into the right direction.
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Unformatted text preview: Suggestions: • I found that sometimes you obscure things for added effect when in reality calling the pill bottles “amber colored cylinders” might confuse the reader . • Sometimes I felt the plotline to be cliché and there by predictable. You have a good sense of your characters that you might to focus more on their immediate lives. Often I felt as if the plot was idea driven which drew away from the individual characters. • The ending didn’t hit me like I had hoped and I feel if you end it before you find out if she get’s cancer a lot of the small problems can be solved simultaneously....
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Livestrong - Suggestions • I found that sometimes you...

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