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The Joked - Suggestions • Why want to add more characters...

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Steven McCommon “The Cheetah Joke” by lleana Morales What Works: Thoroughly enjoyed this story Great characterization The shortness of the piece of added to its overall purpose. Writing was strong throughout the piece. Great attention to detail like the “canary- colored bow tie.” Dialogue was done well adding to the overall characterization of the characters. Ending left me satisfied with the story and its believability
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Unformatted text preview: Suggestions: • Why want to add more characters possibly to flesh out the story although this is more of a suggestions than a critique. • Some changes in the perspective of the narrator which could possibly confuse the reader. Might want to keep the narrator in a close third person to the Bow Tie Guy or Stubble. • Few grammatical errors which could be fixed with a simple proofread....
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