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GREEN Co. Cocoa Beach, FL 1120 Rebecca Dr. 32953 1-800-GREENER [email protected] 18:11 Office of Contracts and Grants PO Box 113001 123 Grinter Hall Gainesville, FL 32611-3001 To the Office of Contracts and Grants, We here at the Global Resource Energy Efficacy Network (Green) Company believe that the University of Florida could become more economically stable, aesthetically pleasing, and environmentally friendly with the installation of green roofs. A green roof is a layer of vegetation planted on top of buildings to provide insulation both sound and temperature, improve air quality, increase the roof’s lifespan, and reduce energy consumption. Attached is a proposal outlining the benefits, supporting research, construction plan, and project costs. Currently the University of Florida has flat cement roofs. This roofs lead to poor heat insulation. During the day, the sun heats the roof and consequently the temperature inside the building increases. This leads to excessive use of air conditioning systems which leads to
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