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Locke -each individual city state should have political power, no absolutism -liberal political theory is defined around absolutism, argues against it saying monarchy does not work -laws exist to control the sovereign and protect rights -we consent to this form of gov and therefore consent to the social contract -human nature is civil, the state of nature is civil society -when a gov is formed there isn’t too much of a jump from society to gov -believed there was a natural law that governed human behavior -property: lockes justification of capitalism -there are no material possessions in natural civil society, people possess their own bodies but no property -one reason for forming a government is because people need rights in order to have property -according to locke, property is created my mixing ones labor with property -linked property to life, liberty and estate -one’s body is one’s property and enables you to make decisions about your own body, personal life etc w/e gov interfering -Political power is excercised by the government but limited by the people, the gov only
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