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Steven McCommon CRW 2100 2/9/2010 Point of View The theme for this week’s stories was point view. The story “The Life and Work of Alphonse Kauders” by Aleksander Hemon was a surreal piece with a unique structure. The piece is set up like a group of facts about the fictional character Alphonse Kauders arranged in a seemingly random order. The point of view is more of a close third person who observes the events of this fictitious character’s life. It is dark and humorous description of sex and historie’s notorious dictators such as Hitler. I find it interesting how the other character’s in story are real and the interaction between them an d Alphonse (fiction within nonfiction), provides a unique
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Unformatted text preview: perspective and means of characterization. “The Paperhanger,” by William Grey uses an omniscient narrator to tell the grave tale how this paperhanger slowly deteriorates the life of the parent’s lives after the disappearance of the child. Several depressing and dark events lead to the eventual “miracle” by the paperhanger. “The Paperhanger” is very surreal with the protagonist committing highly callous acts which shock the audience, but are believable within the context of the author’s world. At first I wasn’t content with the sheer shock-factor associated with this story, but slowly learned to accept the dark atmosphere and the interaction of the characters within....
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