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Creative Response - My trail of hair would more accurately...

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Steven McCommon 2/16/2009 Dear Christine, I feel that gender imprinting issues as a kid prevents you from being with me. I love you but you think all guys are fucking girls. Except for your damn father with his “coarse- grained skin,” “the mottled white of his arm,” and his sex. I know you’re easy which is fine with me. Just leave you father out of it. I’m tired of hearing of your drives with him and I know that’s not all you do. The lawn didn’t do that to your back. I am your only chance at a non-incestual relationship so you should leave your father with his other children. I’m sorry about being a dick but your cocaine really wasn’t that good. You will be happy about the hair I found on my stomach this morning.
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Unformatted text preview: My trail of hair would more accurately be described as sad than happy, but I know you like hair. I am even willing to compromise. When we have sex I can yell “Who’s your daddy?” if you want me too. I am good at role-playing. I know you watch me when we kiss. Doesn’t that mean something? And as long we are on the subject I would like to meet your father, preferably when he is not fucking you. You need to learn how to function in a relationship. To love another outside your immediate family. I am willing to help under two conditions; don’t ever call me by the letter T, and if your dad makes any sexual advances call me over so I can stop him or at least join in. Love, Tyler...
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