The Woods - Why did she react the way she did Who was he...

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Steven McCommon CRW 1101: Fiction Writing Section 1650 Monday, periods E1-E3 The Woods Your story has great potential. Local flavor was evident in your description of the Hawthorne. My main suggestion would be plot related. I felt that if it was from your tension the characters themselves would have little development. Ambiguity surrounds the intimidating native “Alan” which just confused me.
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Unformatted text preview: Why did she react the way she did? Who was he? Your writing was at best in the beginning and end, but the middle could use some fleshing out. The ending seemed a little over the top and didn’t serve to put the reader at ease. Foreshadowing could help clear up the ambiguity shrouding the ending. With some simple adjusting this story can be a great fiction story....
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